The art of tasting

Bright and clear, a beautiful amber colour, a very rich range of aromas that vary depending on the soil, the tannin content and the age of the product, Pommeau de Normandie, Pommeau de Bretagne and Pommeau du Maine give off subtle flavours of stewed fruit, dried fruit, prunes or even honey and cocoa.

As a fantastic appetizer, Pommeau’s ideal serving temperature is between 8 to 10° in order to appreciate all its roundness and its fruity flavors (with or without an ice cube, depending of the season and people’s preferences).

With a meal, its personality brings the best out of a good foie gras, and it goes ideally with melon, blue cheese and desserts with apples and chocolate.

At the end of a meal, it will also be appreciated as a "chatting wine", savored in small sips, accompanied by a dark chocolate tile.

Pommeau’s aromas and flavors are also perfect for cooking, in meat or fish sauces for instance, to elaborate a syrup or to perfume a fruit salad or a custard.

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