Missions and operation

The IDAC is the French interprofessional association of cider-based controlled appellations. Thus it is the business-to-business representative in the cider-based controlled appellations sector. It brings together the three controlled appellations of Calvados (AOC Calvados, AOC Calvados Pays d'Auge, AOC Calvados Domfrontais), the three controlled appellations of Pommeau (AOC Pommeau de Normandie, AOC Pommeau de Bretagne and AOC Pommeau du Maine) as well as four ciders and perries protected designations of origin (Cidre Pays d'Auge PDO, Cidre Cotentin PDO, Cidre Cornouaille PDO and Poiré Domfront PDO).

IDAC’s composition

The IDAC is made up of 12 professional organizations which are represented by 28 delegates gathered into two colleges. The delegates of each college can be appointed by professional organizations as soon as they produce or market products protected by an appellation and their activity fall within the jurisdiction of the college for which they are appointed.

Production College

14 representatives designated by the representative organisations of Calvados, Pommeau, ciders and perry.

Commercialization college

14 representatives appointed by the representative organizations of Calvados, Pommeau, ciders and perry's commercialization.


Furthermore, 8 representatives from the fruit sector for appellations (consultative capacity).

The IDAC’s missions

  • To carry out any studies into production and marketing of products within its remit, centralize statistics and collect any economic information needed for good knowledge of the markets.
  • To study and promote any scientific and technical measures likely to enhance production and sales conditions for the products concerned.
  • To develop, in both France and other countries, by any appropriate means the reputation and the demand for the products.
  • To propose to the public authorities any provisions relating to the organization of the market for the products concerned and marketing thereof, in compliance with community regulations.
  • To incite operators to tighten up on food safety, particularly through product traceability, in the interest of users and consumers.
  • To monitor ages, keep a register of ageing accounts and deliver proof-of-age certificates for Calvados exports.

The IDAC's operation

A Plenary meeting

The Plenary meeting is the IDAC's decision-making body. It is made up of 28 voting members. The Chairman of the Plenary meeting is elected for 2 years. When the presidency is held by the representative of one college, the Plenary Session elects just one vice-Chairman from the other college.

Chairman : Jean-Luc Pignol
Vice-chairman : Michel Legallois

A Permanent Committee

The Permanent Commission is elected by the Plenary Session for the duration of the term of office. In addition to the Chairman and Vice-Chairman, who are automatically members, it has ten other members, namely five representatives of the production college and five representatives of the commercialization college including a Treasurer and a Secretary General from different colleges.

Interprofessional Sections

Set up by the Plenary meeting, the interprofessional sections deliberate over issues to do with the appellation(s) they are responsible for and with all actions financed from the IDAC budget and allocated to those appellations.

They are composed of equal numbers from the production college and the processing-trading college:

  • The calvados section – President : Jean-Luc Pignol
  • The pommeau section – President : Ludovic Cappelle
  • The ciders and perry section – President : Jean-Luc Olivier

Dedicated Committees

Set up by the Plenary meeting, the Specialist Committees handle matters to do with all the cider appellations. They are composed of at least four members of the Permanent Committee (2 from each college) and may be opened up to specialist technicians, representatives of the government departments concerned and professionals who are well informed in the areas that come up for discussion.

  • The promotion Committee – President : Olivier Vauvrecy
  • The technical and scientific Committee – President : Philippe Terlier
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