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Spirit France Diffusion's activity is based on the development of high quality products, endowed with established know-how and a strong identity, anchored in a terroir, protected by a controlled designation of origin: Père Magloire / Calvados Boulard and Lecompte, our 3 leading brands in Calvados.
Père Magloire Calvados have embodied Norman tradition and heritage since 1821. Père Magloire offers a wide range of Calvados and many ways of consumption.
Created in 1825, Maison Boulard markets the most exported and sold brand of Calvados in the world. Present in 80 countries, Boulard Calvados are leaders in Duty Free.
Lecompte House, founded in 1923, is the Calvados brand dedicated to high-end and selective establishments around the world.
Our company is established in Reux. It brings together our administration, our production center as well as part of our cellars. We also have cellars on our 2 estates: Ste-Foy Montgomery and Coquainvilliers.
Our former Père Magloire site, located on Pont L’Evêque, has been transformed into an interactive "Calvados Experience" museum, offering a multisensory immersion, a journey through the centuries, from our Viking ancestors to the present day. You will discover the mysterious transformation of the apple into Calvados, from the orchards of our region to the international success of our Norman spirits. This 45-minute Experience, unique in France, is followed by a tasting, and the rare opportunity to enjoy the largest collection of Calvados ever offered in our store.
Opening hours : 9:30 a.m. - 7 p.m. in season
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