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The Ferré House, the ideal stopover for all lovers of greenery and authenticity, is a family-owned distillery cider house located in the heart of the Perche Regional Park where hills and state forests are the hallmarks of this natural region.
Grégoire Ferré took over the cider-making activity after his parents and made it his main activity in the heart of a typical Perche farm, with 35 hectares of high-stem and low-stem orchards. More than 35 varieties of cider apples are cultivated there, Grégoire Ferré is looking for Perche and Normandy's old varieties, and diversity.
Passionate and respectful of traditions, Grégoire Ferre produces all his ciders and spirits according to the rules of the art, thanks to a hydraulic press from 1950 and a copper still dated  from 1975 with continuous distillation. Here, everything has a history, a soul .
The tours guide you from the orchards to the cellars, via the press and the still. Technical explanations are adapted to visitors according to their degree of curiosity. The tastings are a moment of exchange where we can understand all the intensity and nuances of the apple.
The farm is built in a landscape of chestnut and walnut trees. A “forest-garden” experience (where everything is eaten) was born in 2020 during confinement; we will find all the great subjects of nuts, edible undergrowth plants, herbs, 200 apple trees varieties, quince trees, not to mention this forgotten ancestral tree: the Cormier.
The cider house offers a wide range of products of ciders, juices and spirits, all from organic farming.
The PDO  is present for Pommeau and Calvados. Cidre du Perche is experiencing its first Cuvée Perche in PDO in 2020.
The Ferré house likes to innovate and surprise, which is why beyond traditional products, we can also find La Cuvée du Brasseur (an extra brut totally fermented cider), Les Perles d'Agathe (a sparkling apple juice without alcohol. as good as it is beautiful), Le Kristal (a white brandy) or Le Pom Pom (a house cocktail).
The Ferré House is a link between yesterday and tomorrow. The products are processed using traditional methods but the goal is modernity, which is why you will find Calvados in superb transparent bottles emphasizing the amber color, accompanied by labels deliberately far from classic codes.
Opening time :
- from April to September Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays, afternoons
- or by appointment outside of these hours (06 64 50 96 88)
Full and detailed group tours (in French or English) are also possible.
Reservations and information: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 06 64 50 96 88


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  • Grégoire FERRÉ
  • Tél.: 02 33 25 29 50 - 06 64 50 96 88
  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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