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Nicolas Flambard, grower and producer in Portbail in Normandy, offers you the sale of apple products at the estate. Cider, Pommeau, Calvados, Apple juice, Cider vinegar… Drinks produced according to an artisanal and rigorous process which allows it to display labels such as Cider PDO Cotentin or organic apple juice.
As with many farms in Normandy, transmission of knomledge is a matter of tradition. It is therefore quite naturally that in 2017, Nicolas took over from his father, Christian Flambard. In the 90s, Christian acquired a vast agricultural land of 5 hectares around the house which started the operation. Apple trees are planted: high-stems, low-stems, different varieties of traditional cider apples and he begins to produce cider, Pommeau and Calvados in an artisanal way. In 2009, Christian converted his farm to organic. He sets up chickadee nests, introduces ladybugs to avoid pesticides and sets up beehives for apple tree pollination. Nicolas has now taken over the farm while respecting traditions, nature and consumers. Domaine de Rugueville is one of the ten Norman producers who offer PDO Cotentin cider. Made from local varieties, this artisanal cider with a regional flavor, slightly bitter and sour, is 100% pure juice, naturally sparkling, with no added gas or pasteurisation.
Visits from April to September by reservation.


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  • Nicolas Flambard
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