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On the banks of the River Eure, discover one of the oldest Calvados firms in Normandy with its 19th century underground cellars, and learn about the Calvados grower's trade and the various production stages.
The story of Calvados Morin begins in 1889 at la Haye de Calleville in the Risle valley, before Pierre Morin took over from his father and moved the small family concern first to Brionne then finally to Ivry-la-Bataille, a delightful little Norman town in the Eure valley.
It was in the former facilities of the Distillery of Thélème, a well-known liqueur of the day, that Calvados Morin found a home on 2 February 1945. Here it found ageing facilities second to none in Normandiy, notably with vast underground cellars in which several hundred small oak casks containing the precious Brandy are stored.
Morin Calvados is reputed for the quality of its blends and the regularity of its production. The famous Morin taste is in actual fact the fruit of a judicious combination of different soils and appellations. The young Calvados picked for ageing will start its development in a 300 to 400 litre barrel in cellars affected by weather variations, thereby increasing oxidation and hence ageing; a lot of it evaporates away–this is the "angels share"–a crucial part of the process of ageing any good brandy.
The unique environment of our cellars makes a substantial contribution towards getting the best out of our Calvados. Carved out of the chalk hillsides of the Eure valley, the long galleries go deep into the cliff. The very damp atmosphere there is ideal for ageing Calvados maturing in silence and away from the vibrations of the city. This maturing process is the second very important stage in our ageing process, and the ambient hygrometry verging on 100% is a natural way of bringing down the alcoholic strength and of producing mellower and more harmonious brandies.
Calvados Morin comes in a broad choice of qualities ranging from 3 year-old to over 30 year-old brandy with its particularly smart packaging notably "singles", Calvados from the Pays d'Auge, and also some superb "blends" drawn from a selection of the best soils.
Calvados Morin is distributed in France to luxury and prestigious addresses, wines and spirits stores, delicatessens, restaurants and wholesalers.
Currently run by Messrs Viry father and son, the firm exports 50% of its output, notably to the EEC, Asia, north America and Russia.
Parking on the property that can accommodate all vehicles.
Private visits on Friday afternoon at 2:30 p.m. - Groups by appointment
Closing days : Saturday - Sunday


  • 10, rue d’Ezy
  • 27540


  • Pierre-Yves VIRY
  • Tél.: +33 (0)2 32 36 40 01
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