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Since 1994 at Domaine de la Cour Signole in Lower Normandy, PREMIUM ZATHINOE® CIDER has been made according to the original traditions of Normandy.
The alcohol content of the cider is 3 to 5 degrees depending on when it is bottled. The apple trees are pruned by hand as well as the apple's harvest.
Share cider with your friends, the quality of it improves year after year thanks to the work of a few producers focusing only on the quality and authenticity of the product. ZATHINOE® is a refreshing drink, to be drunk with friends and paired with many cooked dishes, seafood, cheeses and desserts.
ZATHINOE Cider has a gold color with amber and golden nuances. The fine bubbles form a creamy foam. Bright and limpid cider with assertive concentration.
On the nose, the cider is intense playing on a classic palette combining the aromas of very ripe apples and pears but also on a more animal note typical of a farm cider. The frame presents softness and character. Upon ventilation, the overall impression is more honeyed with a pleasant note of maple syrup. However, the cider seems very dry after all.
Sweetness that is found in the attack on the palate, with flavors of applesauce. The bubbles are fine and line the palate perfectly. They bring relief and freshness to the whole. The fruity sensation lasts long enough in the mouth to end on an almost vanilla note. The balance of flavors is perfect between acidity, sugar and bitterness.
A real tasting cider, to accompany gray shrimps as an aperitif, pancakes of course, but also a grilled andouillette, a roasted chicken with apples, a monkfish and reinette apple skewer, a warm goat cheese and a dessert of apples or pears not too sweet. Drink it over the year.


  • La Cour Signole
  • 14140


  • Yvon Berl
  • Tél.: 06 30 09 56 96
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