Frédéric PACORY

Our products mirror the hedgerow country in the Domfront area, with its rich heritage of old trees. Their fruit is processed on the family farm with great passion and applying the knowhow that has been handed down.
 Les Grimaux Farm has an acreage of 80 Hectares. It is involved in two activities : dairy production and putting our traditional orchards to good use. It has 500 standard pear and 300 apple trees. Since 1959, Mr Claude Pacory has been making and ageing various types of Calvados. In 1989, Catherine and Frédéric Pacory took over from him and carried on the cider-making tradition of the Domfrontais.
In our orchards, the apple and pear trees live for more than 200 years. Although we graft them to select the best varieties, they are then grown without using any chemicals. Under the trees, the grass is grazed by our Normandy cows. From September this grassy carpet breaks the fall of the pears and apples.
This method of growing trees is possible on our farm for having been handed down through the efforts of Claude (father) and Marcel (grandfather). Like Frédéric, they regularly planted new trees, with an eye to the future.
Taste the transformation of our pears and apples grown from this heritage of very old trees. Their fruit is naturally generous !
From the pear we get :
Poiré (perry) (AOC), 4° : a fruity, slightly sparkling beverage, made exclusively by fermenting fruity, slightly sparkling pear juice.
Grim’de poire, 17°: an astute blend of pear juice and Calvados, aged for just a few months to bring out the fruity pear flavour
Pear juice.
From the apple :
Cider 4°: our farmhouse cider brings out the tang of the local soil which is sufficiently fruity with a hint of sharpness.
Pommeau (AOC), 17°: a blend of apple juice and Calvados, aged for at least eighteen months in oak casks.
Apple juice.

From both fruits :
Calvados Domfrontais (AOC) : aged and matured by us in the Grimeaux cellars.

Our products are available anywhere in France, at wine stores and delicatessens. Feel free to contact us for an address close to you.
If you are stayting in Normandy we would be delighted to welcome you. You will discover our orchards, our pressing equipment, the ageing cellars, and of course our products !

Summer and winter opening times : daily except Sunday, from 9.00 to 12.30 and from 14.00 to 18.30


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