Pays d'Auge cider tasting

The moment of tasting... a sensual moment !

Observe my fine, white, persistent foam, my deep colour ranging from orange yellow to amber. My tiny bubbles, my bright colour.

To the nose, my perfumes are complex and varied. When young, my flavours are fruity (apples, citrus fruits), floral (lime, aniseed), sweetish (honey, butterscotch) or milky.(i] When more mature, I have flavours of plants, wood or spices.
In the mouth, I am well-bodied, pleasantly round, slightly bitter. My aromas are powerful and long. My bubbles give tonicity and freshness.


What cider goes with

Appreciated for its refreshing qualities on hot summer afternoons, it also livens up the senses either before or during a meal.A round and smooth young Pays d'Auge cider goes well with dishes made with cream and also desserts (especially pastries made with apples and other sweets).A one year-old cider will go very nicely with slightly stronger meat like duck or lamb while also going readily with white meat. It can also be served with fish cooked in butter or cream.

But most of all, try it with Normandy cheese and particularly with ripened Camembert!


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