Know how to read the labels

The following indications are required by law:

The sales denomination, that is, the name of the Designation accompanied by the words 'Appellation contrôlée', all this in very clear lettering.
 the alcohol content by volume (minimum 40% by vol.)
• the capacity
 the name and address of the manufacturer or the distributor
• mention of any allergens where necessary
• The packager code if the packager is not the same as the producer who puts its name on the label
• The green dot logo in the case of membership of a competent body
• The batch number
• The health message for expectant mothers

The label may also be marked "production fermière" when a brandy is exclusively farm-made (from harvest to bottling), possibly followed by the area of production for AOC Calvados.


 Age indications

The distillation campaign begins on July 1st and ends on June 30th of the following year. The age of a Calvados takes the distillation date into account.Thus, a cider distilled on July 1st 2012 becomes "brandy appellation pending", and then on obtaining approval is recorded by the IDAC and given count "00" until June 30th 2013.On July 1st 2013, this Calvados will move on to ageing count "0".

The proposed bottles belong to two families: blends and vintages.

In the case of a blend (e.g. "25 ans d'âge"), only the age of the youngest brandy is indicated. So a 25 year-old brandy may contain brandies that are 40 or 50 years old, but nothing younger than 25 years old.
Vintage (e.g. "1954") is one reference year indicating that the Calvados contains distillation(s) from a single year. It is also advisable to mention the year of bottling on the label because once bottled Calvados does not age any further.


 Although not compulsory, any mention of the age must comply with the following indications:

« Trois étoiles » - « Trois pommes » - « VS » (Very Special),
Count 2: indicates at least 2 years ageing in wood.
"Vieux" - "Réserve",
Count 3: indicates at least three years ageing.
"V.O." (Very Old) - "Vieille Réserve" - "VSOP" (Very Special Old Pale),
Count 4: at least four years ageing.
« Hors d'Age » - « XO » - « Très Vieille Réserve » - « Très Vieux » - « Extra » - « Napoléon » ,
Count 6: indicates at least six years ageing.



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