Ways of tasting

vieux-calvadosAn old Calvados for special occasions

 A Calvados of a good age is a brandy to save for quiet moments or with company. 10 years, 20 years in the barrel... time has done its work.

At the end of a meal, to extend an evening, served in a tulip glass ideal for concentrating and restoring its aromas.

After drinking some good coffee, along with a square of black chocolate or a nice cigar.

Admire its beautiful golden hue and gently rotate your glass to turn the brandy and aerate it. Once the tears of the Calvados have dropped back, bring the glass to your nose to get the full benefit of its bouquet. Lastly, taste with small sips to discover its irresistible breadth and roundness, its hints of wood and butterscotch, and unforgettable length in the mouth.

A young Calvados for livelier occasions

Calvados two or three years old, there are strong aromas of fresh apples in this brandy, so it is good to have on occasions when youthful vigour is appreciated, such as aperitifs and receptions.



"Nouvelle Vogue" Calvados are brandies that open the way to novel drinking habits, served on ice, as a long drink with tonic or in cocktails.

A firm favourite since 1997 thanks to the Trophées Internationaux des Calvados Nouvelle Vogue, the use of Calvados in cocktails is an increasingly refined art and it deserves its place on the shelves of the world's bars.

 Perfect matches

Calvados goes well with dishes using butter and cream. The creamy texture of Norman cheeses (Pont-l'évêque, Livarot, Camembert) or sweet desserts (apple tart, tarte Tatin, pear almondine tart, rice pudding, crème brûlée, honey ice cream, tiramisu, chocolate sweets) tone down its liveliness and heighten its fruity flavour.

Calvados can be drunk with an entire meal, a few small sips are enough to allure the palate and bring out the flavour of many dishes.
It goes well with:
meat dishes: poultry roast or in a sauce, veal cutlet with mushrooms, roast pork with apples, leg of salt meadow lamb, duckling with honey, and also
seafood: skate, trout with almonds, scallops, flambéd lobster and prawns or tarama of Dublin Bay prawn with Osetra caviar.
sweet-and-sour combinations, with apples and pears obviously, but also peaches, prunes, grapes and apricots.

A key ingredient in Norman cuisine
In marinades, for flambéing, deglazing, or just added at the end of cooking, Calvados adds its rich flavour to sauces, pâtés and desserts... simply heavenly!
>Les recettes

The "trou normand"

The "Norman hole", to keep up with tradition...

This small glass of Calvados, downed in a single gulp, stimulates the stomach in the middle of a good meal and revives your appetite. Neat or on a scoopful of natural apple or pear sorbet, an old or VSOP Calvados is good to get that fruity taste to set off the vanilla, butterscotch and nut flavours.




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