The Interprofession des Appellations Cidricoles, a private not-for-profit association, is the business-to-business representative in the cider-based AOC sector.

What is an interprofession?

Background: The specificities of the world of farming and the food industry have made it necessary, in the interest of both professionals and the consumer, to maintain ongoing dialogue among operators in the different sectors in order to carry out joint actions. To set up this place for dialogue among the different professions (production, processing, trading and distribution), the act of 10 July 1975 created the status of the interprofessions. Today there are some sixty interprofessional bodies covering near every area of farm production both in mainland France and in the overseas departments. These interprofessions are now governed by the farm policy law the provisions of which (relating to interprofessions) appear in Articles L632-1 and following of the Rural Code.

Operation: The assignments interprofessions are set are many and various, vast and expandable, but generally speaking, it may be said that each interprofession:
- Improves the quality of products and their compliance with consumer expectations
- Encourages demand by implementing collective promotion drives and either directly or indirectly ensures the "research and experimentation" function
- Plays a role in improving operation and control of the market
- Processes the sector's economic statistics and data, thereby fulfilling a mission to create openness within the business sector.

In addition to these various assignments carried out by the interprofessions, the interprofessional life is based on three fundamental operating principles: representativity, parity and unanimity.

Representativity: this is a prerequisite, the public authorities ensuring that the interprofession's constituent organizations are truly representative of the sector.
Parity: There has to be overall balance among the colleges representing the interprofession.
Unanimity: decisions taken at major moments in interprofessional life always require a unanimous vote of the colleges.

I.D.A.C. as an interprofession recognized by the public authorities is privileged to be able to draw up interprofessional agreements having the force of law, following extension by the public authorities.


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